Feng Shui symbol - the eagle

Feng Shui eagle
In feng shui symbol of the eagle symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, freedom and power. This majestic bird symbolizes the path of enlightenment and education. It marks a stage in the development and disclosure of spiritual forces, affects the clarity of thought.

Eagle powerful bird of prey, the area of ​​its distribution is almost the whole world. Their strong beaks, paws with sharp claws, and their flying skills, allow them to be among the most dangerous and fastest predators.

Eagles nest high up in the most inaccessible parts of the mountains. Maybe that's why Eagles have always been symbols of divinity, and their pictures and images are present in many cultures around the world, where the proud name of the king of the sky. So in the Feng Shui eagle became a symbol of power.

Thanks to his sharp eyes Eagles have a good review or unless otherwise expressed, have a great outlook. He can rise to the heights and reach a common view of the world. This is why Feng Shui recommends that you use the eagle in the offices of executives and businessmen , as well as those who want to achieve success in your work or business. The eagle on Feng Shui will help more insightful look at your problems and people around them. One of the best gifts boss is a picture of an eagle.

Organizing a favorable feng shui, you can hang a picture with the image of a soaring eagle near the workplace or place of his statue on the table. Eagle as a mascot to help you on the other heights to evaluate the significance of a particular undertaking.

Eagles in search of food are so effective that they spend little time in hunting. The fact that they are able to feed themselves and to climb to the heights of heaven, shows how important the value of an eagle in feng shui as a character in everyday life.